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Slim Drill

Pneumatic Slim Drill for Marble and Granite Mines Pneumatic Slim Drill for Wire sawing VK-PSD is a Global Exporter of Pneumatic Slim Drill from India. Pneumatic Slim Drill is designed for Marble and Granite mines for drilling in Down-The-Hole Hammer drilling method, ideally for drilling lead holes matching for Diamond Wire Cutting. This machine has the ability to drill hole diameter from 85 mm – 130 mm, upto 40 Mtr length, in Vertical and Horizontal positions, and can be easily dismantled into Sub Assemblies, ensuring easy portability and repositioning, due to its light weight.

Models : VK-PSD

Slim Drill

Pneumatic Slim Drill - Drilling Hole diameter of 85 mm - 130 mm
Pneumatic Slim Drill VK-PSD
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